Historic St. Mary's Church on Capital Hill

Current Covid Protocols

The Diocese recently issued new recommendations from the Bishop's Office that state "Regrettably, several of the counties of our diocese are experiencing a substantial uptick in covid cases. Out of an abundance of caution, and consistent with CDC recommendations, our parishes may want to consider re-instating masking protocols. At the Pastoral Center we are asking all personnel to wear a mask upon entering the building, in all common areas, and when social distancing is not possible, regardless of one's vaccination status. We futher encourage all to do their part to stop the spread by washing their hands frequently, sanitize their workspace regularly and social distance when possible." 

Respectfully, we ask that all follow the recommendations of the Diocese that strongly recommend and encourage the wearing of face masks (by all- including those who have been fully vaccinated) whenever we are inside church. In addition, we encourage the use of hand sanitizers and ask that all continue to follow the directions of the ushers. 

Unless you are arriving with a group or are a part of a family, we ask that you choose your seating in order to maintain a respectful distance from others. When possible, try to maintain a safe distance by leaving an empty pew between groups. Ushers will be glad to assist you in locating appropriate seating (this may include utilizing seats upstairs.) 

For the distribution of communion- all should proceed in lines down the aisles toward the front of the church beginning with the front pews and moving toward the back. Please try to maintain a safe distance. Fully vaccinated people (including Eucharistic ministers, if they desire) need not wear a mask. Those wishing to receive "in the hand" should approach the Eucharistic minister who will be standing at the head of the aisle, reverently receive communion and then return to your seat. Those wishing to receive "on the tongue" -upon reaching the head of the aisle may step to one side and proceed to the altar rail where they may kneel and wait for the Eucharistic minister assigned to the altar rail to approach them to offer communion. Reverently receive communion and then return to your seat. Move slowly, respecting others, while maintaining a safe distance, given the width of the aisles. This process may take a bit longer. We want everyone to stay safe and healthy. 

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Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger



Pastor's Letter


Dear Parish Family      

By now you may already be aware that I am again away from the parish.  By means of this letter, I would like to explain to you in my own words what is happening

It is not easy for me to share such personal information, but I have come to believe that honesty will set your minds at ease and facilitate my well-being too.  I am taking some time for healing and renewal following a struggle with depression and addiction.

I am grateful to the Bishop for giving me yet another opportunity to resolve this issue.  And I know that I can count on all of you for understanding, support, and prayer.  I have a great faith that everything happens for a reason in the will of God.  And I am full of hope that I return to you a better priest and a more effective instrument of God's mercy, even to some of you, who also know this battle.

Be assured of my constant prayer for you before the Eucharistic Lord!

With paternal affection,

Fr Flannery


Thank you for reading this post.  Thank you for coming to Historic St. Mary’s and worshipping with us.  Thank you for your material and prayerful support.  And thank you for living and sharing your faith in Jesus Christ, the only authentic means to peace and joy in the world.  May the prayers of the Virgin Mary and St. Isaac Jogues accompany us all on our walk with the Good Lord!

 Father Michael Flannery, Pastor